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Michael Darweesh E-mail: mjd AT darweesh DOT org LinkedIn Profile http://www.darweesh.org/~mjd/resume Pittsburgh, PA

Work Experience: Pittsburgh Knights April '17-Present Chief Technology Officer (CTO) esports startup technology strategy advice Executive level business collaboration Product idea evaluation Legalsifter April '16-April '17 Director of Software Engineering Cross Discipline Communication Project Planning Technical Mentoring Managed Team of ~6 Software Engineers and Designers Hiatus, Vacation, and Travel July '14-March '16 Planned Time Off General Dynamics C4 Systems Nov. '12-June '14 Viz Senior Staff Software Engineer New Product Development Prototyping, Java, Javascript, Design, Team Leadership Google Incorporated March '08-April '12 Technical Lead/Senior Software Engineer Co-founded the project which became Google Hangouts. Led the prototyping of 3 major new Google properties using Google Web Toolkit, Java, and Javascript. Designed and Implemented Instant Previews front-end and service features in C++, Java, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Responsible for feature/defect prioritization, and team tasking. Involved directly with recruiting and personnel performance evaluation. Mars Space Flight Facility Feb. '04-March '08 Software Development Team Senior Software Engineer Led the development of new map server software through full life-cycle. C/C++ multi-threaded, WMS compliant, caching, planetary, client-server. Implemented interactive web map using cgi, SQL, C++ and HTML/CSS. Various minor system administration tasks. Microsoft Incorporated March '98-Dec. '03 Content Security Business Unit Software Design Engineer Interim Team Lead Designed, implemented, and maintained Digital Rights Management features. Developed DRM APIs and ActiveX controls on Windows, Linux, and WindowsCE using C/C++. Wrote Linux and Mac software to emulate parts of the Win32 API. Instructed and scheduled team's security code-reviews. Interim Development Team Lead Macintosh Business Unit Software Design Engineer Designed, implemented, and maintained new features in the Macintosh version of Microsoft Office mostly in C/C++. Implemented Mac Office file UI for over 100 file dialogs using OSX API. Revised and maintained Japanese features. Implemented and maintained UI for ftp server navigation. Autometric Incorporated Oct. '95-March '98 Creative Visualization Lead Software Engineer Automated virtual human generation from computer artist assets and speech scripts in C/C++ and Perl. Developed tools to assist in the creation of Alias/Wavefront model data including OpenAlias plug-ins. Various minor system administration tasks. Clearance: DoD Top Secret American Management Systems Dec. '94-Oct. '95 Management Systems and Technology Programmer/Analyst Created detailed design specifications for financial reports. Programmed reports according to specifications. Documented use and maintenance requirements. Maintained report programs. Ice Bird Enterprises Jan. '89-March '98 Macintosh Shareware Programmer and Computer Consultant Designed graphics and algorithms for Macintosh programs in C and Pascal. Consulted clients with Unix and Macintosh questions. Programmed custom perl and C/C++ for clients.
Programming Languages: C/C++ Programmed commercial applications, tools, and shareware. Javascript Production Google web properties. Java Prototyping and maintaining GWT and client/server products. Perl Created and maintained build and CGI scripts. Assembly Tuned 68000 and x86 compiler output. Also XML, HTML, SQL, Ruby on Rails Platforms: Unix/Linux/Irix Wrote system level server software in C/C++. Programmed graphical tools to create virtual humans. Wrote CGI scripts in perl to access MySQL for HTML/CSS sites. Primary development environment for Java and Javascript work at Google. Windows Programmed system software and client/server software. Macintosh Programmed Mac Office features, games, and shareware. Product and People Management: Screening and Interviewing technical candidates. Scrum and Agile process implementation. Product roadmap and work prioritization. Cross discipline communication and conflict resolution.
Publications: Illumination Videocassette. G. Dismond, G. Afton-Bird, M. Darweesh, K. Wallace, M. Walsh, ACM SIGGRAPH, 1997 The Creation of Realistic, Talking Computer Generated Humans Panel. Gwen Afton-Bird, Michael Darweesh, Gregory Dismond, Melissa Durley, Kimberly Wallace, Michael Walsh, Association of Medical Illustrators Conference, Baltimore, Maryland, 1997 Patents: System and method for manifest generation Debugging and application that employs rights-managed content
Education: State University of New York at Buffalo - Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science