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Michael Darweesh E-mail: mjd AT darweesh DOT org LinkedIn Profile: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mdarweesh http://www.darweesh.org/~mjd/resume Rochester, NY and Pittsburgh, PA

Work Experience: Icebird Financial Corporation January '21-December '21 Founder, CEO, and CTO Created and maintained C-Corp Investigated Product Ideas Implemented Technical Prototype Exited without traction Advisor and Mentor April '17-Present Alphalab Carnegie Mellon University Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship Gridwise Pittsburgh Knights Technology consulting and advice Executive level business collaboration Product idea evaluation Legalsifter April '16-April '17 Director of Software Engineering Cross Discipline Communication with the sales, technical, and executive teams. Project Planning with the design team and CEO. Agile Product Owner Mentored and coached various engineers in software and ops. Hired local team of Software Engineers and Designers. Managed local team of ~6 Software Engineers and Designers. Managed remote teams of ~4 Research Engineers. Hiatus, Vacation, and Travel July '14-March '16 Planned Time Off General Dynamics C4 Systems Nov. '12-June '14 Viz Senior Staff Software Engineer New Product Development Prototyping, Java, Javascript, Design, Team Leadership Google Incorporated March '08-April '12 Technical Lead/Senior Software Engineer Co-founded the project which became Google Hangouts. Led the prototyping of 3 major new Google properties using Google Web Toolkit, Java, and Javascript. Designed and Implemented Instant Previews front-end and service features in C++, Java, HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Responsible for feature/defect prioritization, and team tasking. Involved directly with recruiting and personnel performance evaluation. Mars Space Flight Facility Feb. '04-March '08 Software Development Team Senior Software Engineer Led the development of new map server software through full life-cycle. C/C++ multi-threaded, WMS compliant, caching, planetary, client-server. Implemented interactive web map using cgi, SQL, C++ and HTML/CSS. Various minor system administration tasks. Microsoft Incorporated March '98-Dec. '03 Content Security Business Unit Software Design Engineer Interim Team Lead Designed, implemented, and maintained Digital Rights Management features. Developed DRM APIs and ActiveX controls on Windows, Linux, and WindowsCE using C/C++. Wrote Linux and Mac software to emulate parts of the Win32 API. Instructed and scheduled team's security code-reviews. Interim Development Team Lead Macintosh Business Unit Software Design Engineer Designed, implemented, and maintained new features in the Macintosh version of Microsoft Office mostly in C/C++. Implemented Mac Office file UI for over 100 file dialogs using OSX API. Revised and maintained Japanese features. Implemented and maintained UI for ftp server navigation. Autometric Incorporated Oct. '95-March '98 Creative Visualization Lead Software Engineer Automated virtual human generation from computer artist assets and speech scripts in C/C++ and Perl. Developed tools to assist in the creation of Alias/Wavefront model data including OpenAlias plug-ins. Various minor system administration tasks. Clearance(Expired): DoD Top Secret American Management Systems Dec. '94-Oct. '95 Management Systems and Technology Programmer/Analyst Created detailed design specifications for financial reports. Programmed reports according to specifications. Documented use and maintenance requirements. Maintained report programs. Ice Bird Enterprises Jan. '89-March '98 Macintosh Shareware Programmer and Computer Consultant Designed graphics and algorithms for Macintosh programs in C and Pascal. Consulted clients with Unix and Macintosh questions. Programmed custom perl and C/C++ for clients.
Product and People Management: Screening and Interviewing technical candidates. Scrum and Agile process implementation. Product roadmap and work prioritization. Cross discipline communication and conflict resolution. Programming Languages: C/C++ Programmed commercial applications, tools, and shareware. Javascript Production Google web properties. Java Prototyped and maintained client and server products. Perl Created and maintained build and CGI scripts. Assembly Tuned 68000 and x86 compiler output. Also XML, HTML, SQL, MongoDB, React, Node, GraphQL, Heroku, AWS Platforms: Unix/Linux Wrote system level server software in C/C++. Programmed graphical tools to create virtual humans. Wrote CGI scripts in perl to access MySQL for HTML/CSS sites. Primary development environment for Java and Javascript work at Google. Windows Programmed system software and client/server software. Macintosh Programmed Mac Office features, games, and shareware.
Publications: Illumination Videocassette. G. Dismond, G. Afton-Bird, M. Darweesh, K. Wallace, M. Walsh, ACM SIGGRAPH, 1997 The Creation of Realistic, Talking Computer Generated Humans Panel. Gwen Afton-Bird, Michael Darweesh, Gregory Dismond, Melissa Durley, Kimberly Wallace, Michael Walsh, Association of Medical Illustrators Conference, Baltimore, Maryland, 1997 Patents: System and method for manifest generation Debugging and application that employs rights-managed content
Education: State University of New York at Buffalo - Bachelor's of Science in Computer Science